Performance Tracks

Performance or Backing Tracks have become an essential tool for musicians, ensembles and performance groups in recent years.  A fully produced backing track can be provided for any purpose and in any style with the finished product delivered to you on CD or via email as an mp3 file, and will be based on your supplied sheet music or original audio track.

For singers and solo instrumentalists, the big online karaoke libraries that you may find often have the standard tracks covered but will have ignored that special song.  They also can not very well accomodate changes of key, tempo, style or even complete instrumentation!

Theatre and Dance companies also find that the financial constraints on them do not always make it practical to have a fully live band for performances.  You can also really hear the difference between a backing or performance track that has been produced by a musician rather than a computer programmer…

Recent clients include Vanessa Mae, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stagecoach Performing Arts, Cameron Macintosh Productions and Superbrass.

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