Location Recording

The Audio Concept offers a full digital 24 Channel location rig with the highest quality audio capture equipment and a wide selection of mics.

How is The Audio Concept different to many other location recording companies?
Multi-tracking: On larger (or small if required) projects, we use multi-channel (separate mics) recording and DO NOT mix directly to a stereo track at the time of recording. We have vast experience in setting the microphones according to the ensemble and space in order to achieve the best results, however everybody has their own opinions and tastes. Keeping the recording in ‘multi-track’ during the edit stage means that the client can alter the level of the recording at a later date. ie: more horns in bar 20 please? – NO PROBLEM! – Many recording companies choose to record to a stereo mix at the time of the recording. This means that whilst you may see many microphones, the sound and balance of the recording is set in stone at this time. We believe that at the time of recording, a client has enough to do to co-ordinate or conduct the session and as such our method allows the client to reflect on the balance or ‘mix’ of the recording at a later date and at their leisure. We keep the recording in multitrack until the final master is ready to be made so the client can experiment with levels right up to the final mastering stage.

Acoustics: We use the most advanced computer equipment, software and editing techniques to enhance the acoustics of a recording to the full – This is how we are able to achieve amazing results when recording in more obscure venues – We are able to make smaller venues sound like large concert halls. This is always left to the clients discretion. Many other recording companies take a ‘naturalistic’ view of keeping it simple. This usually means that they do not possess the most up to date mastering and acoustics programs to offer the service. Whilst in some of the more prolific recording venues this naturalistic approach may have its merits, the reality is that most projects these days do not have the budget to afford a venue of note. We believe that if there is a way to enhance a recording to its upper most potential then why not use it? Plus, we can always take channels OUT of a mix or turn effects processors OFF in post production, but if they are not present at the time of recording, it is impossible to put them IN!

Advice: We can assist with all of your recording preparations and even offer a full project management service.

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